I stayed about a month in the village of Bhuj in the Nortwestern part of India, where I portrayed 207 of the village's inhabitants. A few years back this town was in the epicentre of a powerful earthquake, and the area is very poor. Here photography is only used on special occasions such as weddings because a camera, like other material possessions, is rarely at hand. I therefore offered them a five Rupee photo if they let me take their photo and allowed the use of the pictures in exhibitions. There were only taken pictures that people allowed and often they got to choose what picture they wished to receive in return. It was important to me in this way to enter a dialogue with these people as equal individuals and to portray them with dignity and personality, and thereby attempt to pass forward a picture of humans rather than objects (2005).
















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  • These are lovely – compassionate, composed....
  • wow, these are spectacular.  thank you so much for sharing.  makes me want to hop on a plane to india.

    and thank you for visiting my blog!  i'm happy that you like it.  : )

  • Looooove these pictures...! Specially no. 7 from the top.  
  • It was a great month in my life, nice to hear it shines through..

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