Too Big Shirt, Patterns and Decay

Third year project from Design School Kolding (2003).

The starting point is to unite the classic inspired garments such as pants and shirts with different and contrasting decorations. The garment should keep its functionality and stay true to the classic shape but not the classic fit. The contrast point in the decoration is decay and what happens when patterns meets another.

The textiles comes from the world of English middle/upper class men´s wear. It will be translated into a more contemporary expression through working with the textiles.
The overall question is: Is it possible to incorporate the aesthetic of decay in fashion?

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  • An intriguing question, dear to my heart. Not quite clear how it translates to some of the designs, but that's probably just my thickheadedness. The last two frames make me laugh.
  • Yes, it´s often funny with the old work you have done before you became too aware..

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