There is somthing special about old boats on land. They are just waiting for a ride in their real element. It´s like a visual pause between two actions (2008). 



Boring Sunday

In July 2007 I moved to Argentina for four months. My aim was to describe the everyday life in Buenos Aires through drawings and paintings. I wandered the streets to try to catch the essence of the city. I came to favour the boring sundays where the city was tranquil, bare and unveiled. To me that was the essence of Buenos Aires. In between I went for art lessons at Sandra Dorthey and Fabian Burgos, two really interesting Argentinian artists.
The drawings were displayed at KP08 (Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling 2008).






Buenos Aires graffiti

While I was wandering the streets of Buenos Aires looking for the every day life, I saw lots of nice graffiti.