Buenos Aires graffiti

While I was wandering the streets of Buenos Aires looking for the every day life, I saw lots of nice graffiti.
















I moved from the busy streets of New Delhi and into a Danish suburb. The cultural clash I experienced had a very strong impact on me. I had to describe the suburb while it was so clearly defined in my mind. The drawings were displayed at KS06 (Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling 2006) in Tistrup. 






I stayed about a month in the village of Bhuj in the Nortwestern part of India, where I portrayed 207 of the village's inhabitants. A few years back this town was in the epicentre of a powerful earthquake, and the area is very poor. Here photography is only used on special occasions such as weddings because a camera, like other material possessions, is rarely at hand. I therefore offered them a five Rupee photo if they let me take their photo and allowed the use of the pictures in exhibitions. There were only taken pictures that people allowed and often they got to choose what picture they wished to receive in return. It was important to me in this way to enter a dialogue with these people as equal individuals and to portray them with dignity and personality, and thereby attempt to pass forward a picture of humans rather than objects (2005).
















The Suburb

In 2006 I moved from the bussy streets of Delhi to a Danish suburb. The contrat was striking and I neded to descripe the suburb while it stod clear in my mind.

Too Big Shirt, Patterns and Decay

Third year project from Design School Kolding (2003).

The starting point is to unite the classic inspired garments such as pants and shirts with different and contrasting decorations. The garment should keep its functionality and stay true to the classic shape but not the classic fit. The contrast point in the decoration is decay and what happens when patterns meets another.

The textiles comes from the world of English middle/upper class men´s wear. It will be translated into a more contemporary expression through working with the textiles.
The overall question is: Is it possible to incorporate the aesthetic of decay in fashion?

National Costume

Third year project from Design School Kolding (2003).
In interpretation of a national costume from Outer Mongolia. The original costume was brought home to Denmark by five Danish explorers who traveled there in the late 1930s. The costume is on display today at The National Museum in Copenhagen. The National Museum was very cooperative in my reseach - thank you. The interpretation was displayed at The National Museum in an exhibition in 2007. The orginal costume contains many symbols of prosperity and luck. For the project we were only allowed to use one material. I found that supermarket adverts had some of the same signal values and colourfullness that I saw in the costume.